Nation One TV


How to install The Nation One TV APK/app on your Amazon Firesticks, set-top boxes, Android smartphones, and all other devices.

Amazon Firestick

Amazon Firestick Users: you must first install an app called Downloader to your Amazon device. If you haven’t installed Downloader yet, do this first.

Sign into Your Amazon Account. Make sure you have One Click Settings for downloading apps. If not, go to Settings and click on My Fire TV. Then navigate to Developer Options and select both options.

Once installed, navigate and open Downloader.

Tip: The fastest and easiest way to open Downloader is to press the Alexa button at the top of your remote speak to it; say, “go to Downloader”.  (If you have an older Firestick, you will have to navigate to or search for Downloader manually.)

Your Firesticks or Android devices must have enough storage space to download The Nation One TV service app. The space requires 41.7 MB storage capacity.

**Before following The Nation One TV installation instructions make sure you have these items enabled in the downloader app settings**

Correct Firestick Settings to download stream channels

APK Auto-Install

Automatically Open Web Pages In Browser

Enable JavaScript

Downloader will prompt you for a URL or search term. Type the following in all lowercase letters then press the GO button:

After the Nation One TV has downloaded, press the Install button at the bottom of the dropdown menu on the right.

You’re now ready to go! Open the Nation One TV app and enter the username and password we provided to you via email when you signed up. You’ll have access to thousands of channels and movies- ENJOY!

Nation One TV On Your Favorite Devices

Nation One TV works on Android phones and tablets! Open this webpage on your Android device (i.e smartphone or tablet) via the mobile web browser:

Open and install the APK that downloads. Once downloaded, open the app and put in your username and password (the same login information that was provided in your email for your Amazon Firestick)