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The Future of television is in live streaming! Our affiliate program allows you to earn money each and every time your customer renews their subscriptions.

Affiliate FAQs

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The affiliate program allows the affiliate to earn commission by referring service plan subscribers to the Nation One TV website through their affiliate link(s) for purchase. This can be done by placing the links on social media, websites, banners, blogs, emails, text messages or any other digital products. Anytime an affiliate shares their affiliate link(s) and refers a customer to make a purchase the affiliates link tracks the customers activity and the affiliate earns commissions based on the affiliates “commission rank”.

There’s currently upfront no set-up fee. However, you must have an active subscription to the Nation One TV service so that you truly understand how to use it. After all, it’s hard to sell something you haven’t used, right?

No. You are required to purchase the Nation One TV service to become familiar with the product first. After you have tested our service they can then make an informed decision about participating in our affiliate program.

All service plans earn between 20%-25% of the service sale depending on the service plan the customer chooses. All Affiliates receive 25% commission on any of the 1 month service plans, which is the most popular plans. The multi-month service plans earn 20% commission for the 3 month and 6 month plans. Payments are also residual for as long as the account remains active. We also offer higher “Commission Rank” opportunities to increase commission earnings for the more aggressive affiliates.

The payout duration for all affiliates is calculated within a 30 day calendar month and is paid out between day 28 and day 30 of the month.

After we give you access to our secure affiliate area, you will be able to copy and paste your exclusive affiliate link. You may promote the link wherever you like to market and promote the service within your affiliate influence or network. Anyone who clicks the link will be linked to you, even if they don’t sign up immediately. (This is determined by their browser, but we can typically track a potential customer for about two weeks.)

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